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Applications and Advantages of Corundum Abrasive Material

Corundum, also known as brown fused alumina (BFA), is made by high-temperature smelting of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), and sawdust through a resistance furnace. Corundum is a colorless crystal with a high density and hardness, about 9.5 on the Mohs scale. After being crushed, it can be used as grinding powder and can be used to make polishing paper, grinding wheels, and sharpening stones for friction surfaces.

Classification of corundum abrasive material

Divided into three categories: coarse, medium, and fine. Among them, coarse is black and red, medium is light red, and fine is red and white. The particle size of each grade is evenly distributed, the particle shape is uniform, and it is a crystal with sharp edges and corners, with high grinding power.

Suitable for stone processing, processing marble and other soft materials.

Suitable for glass processing, processing glass edges, TV tubes, optical instruments, lenses, prisms, clock glass, and other items made of glass.

Suitable for metal processing, sandblasting, rust removal, and processing. Printing industry processing of rubber plates and sample materials for light industry such as leather and sandpaper.

The grinding power of natural corundum abrasive materials is slightly higher than that of electric furnace white corundum, but it has strong toughness and the characteristic of intermediate shell segmentation. Its advantages are high surface finish of the grinding piece, fewer and shallower sand marks, and a fine and evenly distributed grinding surface, which can improve product quality and is the unique feature of this product. The processing time for natural corundum is short, the efficiency is high, and the price is low, which can compensate for the serious short life of the product.

Advantages of corundum abrasive materials

Grinding and polishing

Corundum is commonly used as a abrasive material applied to self-grinding in fields such as display tubes, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lenses, glass for clocks, crystal glass, and jade.

Resin abrasive

Corundum abrasive has suitable colors, good hardness and toughness, suitable particle section type, and edge retention. It can be used as a filler to replace 20%-30% BFA in resin abrasives, with ideal effects.

Coated abrasives

Corundum abrasives are raw materials for sandpaper and gauze.

Filter media

Granular corundum is used as the bottom layer medium for a filter bed, which purifies drinking water or wastewater and is a new type of water filtration material. It is made of abrasive materials that have been carefully screened, mechanically processed, and graded by methods such as hydraulic selection.

Polishing and rust removal

Green corundum abrasive is used for shelly fracture, with moderate hardness, good toughness, sharp edges and corners. It can form new edges and corners and pass through continuous crushing and grading, making its grinding ability higher than other abrasive raw materials. It has the advantages of high hardness, large specific gravity, stable chemical properties, and self-sharpening properties, which makes it have advantages that other abrasives and artificial abrasives cannot replace.

Wear-resistant floor sand

Corundum has the characteristics of high hardness, large specific gravity, stable chemical properties, good wear resistance, and low price. It is an ideal material for wear-resistant floors and can be used as anti-wear materials for repairing highways, airport runways, docks, parking lots, industrial floors, sports fields, basement floors, etc.

Corundum abrasive materials are widely used in many fields like aerospace abrasives field. Under normal circumstances, it can be reused 5 times. If it still retains its cutting ability after 5 times, the number of cycles can be increased. After losing its cutting ability, corundum can also be recycled and used in the construction industry as cement aggregate. It is not necessary to replace the existing sandblasting equipment, and its price is affordable and practical.

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