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Potential of White Fused Alumina Abrasive: Advantages and Precautions

White fused alumina is a natural and environmentally friendly abrasive loam, which plays an important role in the international spray abrasive cleaning industry due to the performance advantages of white fused alumina, such as high hardness, good toughness, high specific gravity, no harmful substances, etc. In this article, we will introduce the advantages of white fused alumina abrasive and the precautions for its use to help readers better understand and master the application of white fused alumina abrasive.

Very Low Amount of Dust

Surface abrasive treatment with white fused alumina abrasive generates less dust during the spraying process due to its higher specific gravity. This ensures operator health and safety and improves operator visibility. Compared with slag, since slag is more brittle, it is easy to be crushed to form small particles during the spraying process. Due to the small specific gravity of slag, small slag particles are suspended in the air, resulting in pollution of the environment.

Ultra-High Efficiency

White fused alumina abrasive is regarded as a very fast spray grinding method because it can hit the surface of the object with sharp edges in a large quantity and quickly under a certain pressure. The acceleration and speed of the particles in the air stream is a function of the inertia of the white corundum and the size of the particles. The smaller the particles, the easier it is to accelerate them, thus producing a higher impact force on the surface of the object and thus a very high cleaning speed.

Precautions for Use

  • Choose the right grain size: Choose the right grain size according to the processing needs to ensure the grinding effect and reduce the breakage during the grinding process.

  • Control the grinding pressure: Excessive grinding pressure will lead to deformation and breakage of the workpiece, so the grinding pressure should be reasonably controlled.

  • Correct use of water coolant: Water coolant can effectively reduce the grinding temperature, reduce the thermal impact of the workpiece, and at the same time clean the grinding debris on the abrasive grain, prolonging the service life of the abrasive tool.

  • Avoid prolonged dry grinding: Prolonged dry grinding will lead to hardening of the surface of the white corundum abrasive tool, affecting the grinding effect, so it is necessary to reasonably control the operating time.

As a high-quality abrasive material, white corundum has many advantages. Only by fully understanding and mastering the performance characteristics and application advantages of white corundum, can we better play its role and create greater value for the enterprise.

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