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Stacking Density and Applications of White Fused Aliminum Oxide

White fused aluminium oxide is made from industrial alumina powder, melted in an electric arc at temperatures above 2000 degrees Celsius, cooled and then crushed, magnetically separated to remove iron, and sieved into various particle sizes. The texture is dense, the hardness is high, the particles are angular, and it is suitable for the manufacture of ceramics, resin-bonded grinding tools, as well as grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting (special corundum for precision casting), and can also be used to manufacture high-grade refractory materials with the code "WA", which conforms to international and national standards and is mostly exported, but also supplied to some users.

Density of white fused aluminium oxide

White fused aluminium oxide has a density of 1.53~1.99g/cm3. The bulk density of abrasive, such as bulk garnet abrasive, is related to the particle size, composition, and shape of the abrasive. Generally, the bulk density of coarse-grained abrasives is greater than that of fine-grained abrasives, and the bulk density of mixed-grained abrasives is greater than that of single-grained density.

Advantages of white fused aluminium oxide products

  • Does not affect the color of the workpiece;

  • Can be used for sandblasting in the process that strictly prohibits iron residue;

  • Micro-powder is very suitable for wet sandblasting and grinding operations;

  • Fast processing speed and high quality;

  • Extremely low iron oxide content, suitable for sandblasting operations that strictly prohibit residual iron;

  • Purified by acid washing to remove impurities.

Application of white fused aluminium oxide products

Scope of application: white fused aluminium oxide abrasive is suitable for various high-end products, surface beautification treatment of crafts or hardware products, and after sandblasting, the surface is white and free of any impurities, saving cleaning troubles. Fine-grade white fused alumina powder can be used as the first choice for polishing and grinding. It can also be used as various product additives. It can make fixed and coated abrasives, wet or dry or sandblasted, suitable for ultra-precision polishing and polishing in the crystal and electronic industries, as well as making advanced refractories. Suitable for processing quenched steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel, high-carbon steel and other materials with high hardness and large tensile strength. It can also be used as a catalyst, insulator and precision casting sand. Remove rust, dirt, and oxide scale from iron-based workpieces, increase adhesion of plating or coating; remove oxide scale from aluminum-based workpieces, enhance surface strength and decoration; de-fuzz special fabric such as denim, and create decorative patterns on plastic products.

  • Surface processing: removal of metal oxide layers, carbide black skin, and metal or non-metal surface rust, as well as removal of oxidation or release agents from gravity die-casting molds or rubber molds, black spots on ceramic surfaces, and uranium colors.

  • Beautification processing: matte or foggy treatment of various gold, K gold jewelry, precious metal products, and foggy processing of non-metallic surfaces such as crystals, glass, corrugated, acrylic, etc., as well as making the surface of the machined object appear metallic luster.

  • Etching processing: etching of jade, crystal, agate, semi-precious stones, seals, jade stones, antiques, marble tombstones, ceramics, wood, and bamboo strips for decorative arts.

  • Pre-processing: pre-treatment of Teflon, PU, rubber, plastic coating, rubber rollers, electroplating, metal welding, titanium plating, etc., to increase adhesion to the surface.

  • Burr removal processing: burr removal of electric wood, plastic, zinc, aluminum die-castings, electronic components, magnetic cores, etc.

  • Stress relief processing: stress relief processing of aerospace, national defense, and precision industrial parts, such as rust removal, paint removal, matte finish, and repair, etc.

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