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Where Is Brown Fused Alumina Commonly Used?

Brown fused alumina is a kind of artificial corundum. The main chemical component of brown fused alumina abrasive is AL2O3, which accounts for 94.5% to 97%. Brown fused alumina also contains a small amount of Fe, Si, and Ti. The particle size determines the price and quality of brown fused alumina. Brown fused alumina has various particle sizes, and good brown fused alumina is grade A. Brown fused alumina is an environmentally friendly abrasive, so many industries choose to use it.

So where is brown fused alumina used? Let's analyze which industries use brown fused alumina more.

Industries applying brown fused alumina

Various industries related to ships, such as ship repair places or ship manufacturers, even warehouse maintenance, can use brown fused alumina for abrasive; various drainage plants, chemical plants, and power stations and nuclear power plants are also places where brown fused alumina is used more; maintenance of large vehicles, maintenance of containers, and so on require the use of brown fused alumina. Colored metal surfaces, even the aircraft industry, and the surface of carvings all require the use of brown fused alumina to make them more outstanding. In fact, not only environmentally friendly, but we also use brown fused alumina when cleaning high-pressure water equipment.

Brown fused alumina is powerful and called "the teeth of industry"

Mainly used in refractory materials, grinding wheels, and sandblasting. Different grades of brown fused alumina are used in different industries to achieve the greatest utilization and create the maximum value. Brown fused alumina is also used in the fields of aluminum profiles, copper profiles, glass, washing jeans, and precision molds. It is a commonly used advanced polishing material for free grinding in the fields of cathode ray tubes, optical glass, single crystal silicon, lenses, glass for watches, crystal glass, and jade. It is also used as raw materials for resin grinding tools, sandpaper, and gauze.

Above are the industries where brown fused alumina is widely used. With the advancement of high-temperature industrial technology and process equipment level, especially the implementation of new technologies in the metallurgical industry such as blast furnaces, converters, steelmaking furnaces, and continuous casting, the adjustment of the variety structure of refractories has been promoted, making the proportion of brown fused alumina in refractories increasingly large. Its usage has now reached more than 60%, and brown fused alumina refractories have played a very important role in adjusting the variety structure of refractory materials.

ZHENGHZOU HAOYUN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 2009 and is a leading professional brown fused alumina supplier in China.

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