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Exploring the Versatile Applications of Black Fused Alumina Powder

Abrasives are indispensable processing materials for grinding, polishing, and finishing processes. Black corundum is a kind of aluminum trioxide and iron spinel main mineral phase of gray-black crystals produced by melting bauxite through electric melting furnace. It is characterized by moderate hardness, high toughness, and high durability. This article will introduce the main applications of black fused alumina powder.

Grinding and Polishing

Initially, black fused alumina powder is mainly used for sandblasting and grinding polishing of various stainless steel, common steel, bamboo, wood, glass, and other workpieces, especially the surface treatment of stainless steel. With black fused alumina powder polishing stainless steel workpiece, it is not easy to burn the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece after throwing presents the stainless steel itself green bright uniform color, unlike brown corundum, white corundum, and so on.

Wear-Resistant Anti-Slip Pavement and Flooring

Black fused alumina powder has very good wear-resistant and anti-skid performance. The consistent matte black color of black corundum inside and outside is especially suitable for paving road and bridge deck. It can be used for paving wear-resistant and anti-skid pavement, bridge decks, and parking lots with sharp curves and steep slopes. Compared with brown corundum and silicon carbide aggregates, it has a very high cost performance advantage.

Resin Cutting Blades

Compound abrasives can be made by blending 30%-50% black fused alumina powder into high hardness wear-resistant materials such as brown corundum or calcined brown corundum. They can be used for the production of abrasives such as resin grinding wheels, resin cut-off discs, resin abrasive discs, and resin ultra-thin discs, etc. The use of composite abrasives improves the sharpness of the cutter blade, improves the cut finish, has a lighter discoloration, smoother operation of the cutter, and is very cost-effective.

Fiber Wheel Production

The use of fine-grained pure black fused alumina powder to produce fiber polishing wheels is suitable for grinding and polishing of various workpieces. Together with other materials, they can be used for both grinding and polishing, which makes them more cost-effective. The specific ratio of abrasive compound can be found out the optimal solution by experiment according to the requirements of grinding and polishing in use.

In summary, black fused alumina powder stands out among many abrasives with its unique color and performance, and becomes an indispensable processing material. With the deeper understanding of the characteristics of black corundum, the application fields of black corundum will continue to expand, and its position in industrial processing will be more solid.

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